"In politics, never assume that because something is insane, it will not be done. The Holocaust was as insane as it was a moral horror. But it was done. Even after the tide of war turned against Germany and it faced invasion and devastation, Hitler continued to pour scarce resources into the mass killing of people who were no threat." - Thomas Sowell
This example from Sowell, was directed at then President Obama's 2015 Iran policy. Whether we agree with Obama's policy on Iran or not, Sowell's remarks reveal something bigger. Political decisions like that are a reflection of the society that supports that political establishment.
Enabled by technology, what happened in Germany, is now plausible on a more global scale.
Some of the actions of political power structures described within the Bible, like the one below, would seem absurd in more sensible times.
"The kings of the earth take their stand
      and the rulers gather together,
against the LORD
     and against His Anointed One:
“Let us break Their chains
     and cast away Their cords.”"
- Ps 2:2-3
But not so much today.
In Jesus' own words, "because of the multiplication of wickedness, the love of most will grow cold" (Matt 24:12).
Because of this, distressing things will happen.
"Your kingdom come..."