It's an assumption that the first "seal" coincides with the beginning of the last "seven" in Daniel's "seventy sevens" prophecy.

Because it's an assumption, it may or may not be correct.

I think this assumption probably has something to do with people attributing the effects of the breaking of the seals with the activity of the Antichrist. This is also an assumption that may or may not be correct.

It is the "covenant with many" that defines the beginning of the final "seven" (Dan 9:27).

The first of these "seals" in Revelation could be broken before, at the same time, or after the start of this final "seven". No clear indication is given as to when this first seal is broken. We know that it is Jesus that is responsible for breaking the seals. And it's the first seal that starts the ball rolling.

7 Seals -> 7 Trumpets -> 7 Bowls

As I read the Rev 6 account, the breaking of these "seals" look to me like general "conditions" being released upon the earth that culminate in Heavenly Signs. This then leads to the next sequence of seven - the Seven Trumpets.

  • 1st Seal -> Conquering
  • 2nd Seal -> Removal of peace
  • 3rd Seal -> Scarcity
  • 4th Seal -> Death
  • 5th Seal -> Martyrdom
  • 6th Seal -> Great Earthquake, Heavenly Signs
  • 7th Seal -> Silence in Heaven, 7 Trumpets...

The effects of the last few years are hard to ignore.

  1. The conquering effect of the global pandemic (Corona or "crown" virus) and the general loss of personal freedoms on a global scale as a result. Lockdowns! The transformation of free and open democracies was quite remarkable.
  2. The removal of peace - polarity, division, wide scale protests, social unrest, war in Ukraine...
  3. Supply chain shortages, inflation...

That said, I don't believe we are in the final "seven" because I don't believe the "covenant with many" described in Dan 9 has happened yet. 

But as to when the seals begin to break?

Are the observations above inconsequential as they relate to the seals described in Rev 6?


Or possibly not.